When Tensions Rise, So Should We

As tensions Rise, so should We.

Today marks a magical day. This is my first official blog post and I am feeling like a bit of a nerd about it. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

In recent months, I feel like I have been searching for something. I don’t quite know what what I’ve been seeking, but something has felt lost. Something very hard to pin point. Since I can’t really name what it is, how will I know when I find it? If I find it, will I be able to recognize it? If I recognize it, will I be open to receiving it?

I rose up this morning with more clarity than I’ve had for some time. I’ve been searching for answers to questions my clients keep asking me. I’ve been searching for answers for myself in our world in this most challenging time.

I have been working as an art therapist for 6 years now and our culture and country is facing what I feel is the strongest test to our humanity and faith. My clients have expressed to me more anxiety, worry, and distress than ever in the past 6 months. “What’s going to happen?” “Are we ok?” “How do I explain this to my child?” “How is this our reality?” “Tell me what to do. Tell me what to say. Tell me how to handle this.”
I’ve been holding the space of weight and worry awhile… And it has been heavy. People are looking for answers in others. They are seeking answers in places that can’t give them peace. They are looking outward for advice and guidance and safety from me. After rising today, I realized what we are all missing.

We are missing the search within ourselves. We are not looking inward, we are looking everywhere else. We keep asking questions, when we need to be open to listening for answers. We carry within us, all we need. We have answers and guidance and safety within ourselves, we just have to be still and listen. We know ourselves better than anyone else.. so trust yourself. Listen to yourself. Rise up. Rise up from the worry and anger. Rise up from fear. Rise up from searching and just be.

How do we rise up and just be?

1. Be in nature:
Go on a walk, listen to the sounds that surround you. Sit by water and look at its beauty, sit by a fire and stare at the flame

2. Drink tea or water with intention:
Drink something hot or something cold, visualize and feel it filling your body.. notice it go down your throat and down to your stomach.. notice how it is good for you and your body

3. Look for silver linings:
Seek positive things! Find the good and focus on that. A child’s smile, an older couple holding hands, flowers blooming, birds chirping, the rise and set of our sun, the moon and stars our universe

4. Limit social media:
This is hard, but very much needed.. you don’t have to delete Facebook, take it off your apps on your phone and devices.. this will limit your accessibility to mindlessly absorbing negative information
5. Choose an image to reset yourself with:
A tree, the ocean, a safe place or person that helps reground yourself… anytime you feel yourself upset, visualize your image and meditate on it

My wish for you is to rise. Rise above the negative and seek life’s joys. Remember to not look outwardly for answers and that the answers in fact lie within ourselves. Seek stillness and listen.

Be Well,

8 thoughts on “When Tensions Rise, So Should We

  1. Love it Michaela! I love all the simple ways you list how we can easily return to ourselves. It’s so easy to look externally for what we need when true nurturing, grounding and support are an inside job. When we do this we really can rise up!❤

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