Love letters to yourself. Yes, really!

I just wrote my first love letter to myself. And damn… it feels good.  What lovely and kind words to read, I’m almost blushing.  Sound wild? Yes, somewhat.  Sound helpful? Try it out and you tell me! It never ceases to amaze me how much energy we spend on other people, and how we classically neglect to give that same effort to ourselves. It is mind-blowing, how much head space, (pun-intended) is occupied by negative messages to ourselves. We often give and give and give, and then feel depleted because we fail to give to ourselves. You can be in the healthiest of relationships, yet still ignore praising yourself for all you do. Sometimes it really is good to give yourself a pat on the back.  Taking that step farther, give yourself thoughtful, compassionate, and loving words while giving yourself a pat on the back.  We are all familiar with the classic line, “You are your worst critic.”  Yet, we move along like we should accept this message and that there isn’t anything we can do about it.  I see and hear this often in my sessions with people in therapy.  They say things to themselves, they wouldn’t dare say to their closest friend or ally.  These narratives that we create in our minds, may look scary if we actually printed them out.  We say awful things at times.  Sometimes knowingly, sometimes not.  These narratives really can shape the way we see ourselves and the way be treat ourselves, which of course leads to how to behave and act in the world.  Spoiler alert, we have distorted versions of ourselves with these narratives, and I encourage you to tread cautiously.  I’d like for you to check-in with yourself, and the narrative in your head.  What sort of messages are you saying to yourself?  Are there any judgements?  Any insults?  Any unkind words?   I encourage you to know there is great power in the awareness of your narrative, and also if your narrative isn’t so nice, you have the beautiful gift of changing it. KA-POW! It is our own secret super-hero power and it is such a force!  I believe this is an important conversation to have with yourself. And not just once. Often. Writing down kind affirmations so you are SEE them is important.  It’s time to GIVE TO YOURSELF POSITIVE ENERGY. Praise yourself, without judgement.  We are only human, so of course we cannot always say the kindest things to ourselves.  I am encouraging Self Love and gratitude to your awesome selves. Go on… get on loving yourself, and let me know how it feels to read back, let it be the same day, a week, a month, or a year later!

          With Love,



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